вторник, 13 ноября 2012 г.

2250 DA+SM roster

HQ 1: Belial with pair of lightning claws [130 pts]

HQ 2: Interrogator-Chaplain [120 pts]

Troops 1: 5 Deathwing Terminators, with 3 thunder hammer & storm shield, deathwing company banner, apothecary, chainfist and heavy flamer, sergeant with thunder hammer & storm shield [280 Pts]
Troops 2: 5 Deathwing Terminators, 4 with thunder hammer & storm shield, cyclone missle launcher, sergeant with pair of lighting claws [235 pts]

Fast Attack 1: Land Speeder with typhoon missle launcher and multi-melta [75 pts]
Fast Attack 2: Land Speeder with typhoon missle launcher and heavy bolter [75 pts]

Heavy Support 1: Land Raider Crusader [250 pts]
Heavy Support 2: Vindicator with storm bolter [130 pts]

HQ 1: Librarian with Terminator armour (force maul), Null zone and Avenger [125 pts]

Elites 1: Dreadnought with TL Autocannon [115 pts]

Troops 1: 5 Scout Squad with camo cloaks, 5 sniper rifles [90 pts]
Troops 2: 10 Tactical Squad with combi-plasma, plasma, plasma cannon in Transport 1 [195 pts]

Fast Attack 1: Stormtalon with skyhammer [155 pts]

Heavy Support 1: Thunderfire Cannon [100 pts]

Transport 1: Razorback with TL lascannon transporting Troops 2 [75 pts]

Aegis defense line with quad gun [100 Pts]

Total 2250

How does it work?
Librarian with Troops2 almost every time use DWA, Belial and Chaplain starts in LRC.
Dreadnought with AC fires from the quad-gun giving you 6 TL AC shots.
stromtalon is just for fun and nice model

Belial is warlord, he stays in LRC or charges in something soft.
if there is no Inv. saves in enemy army - Libr swaps in Telepathy.

Chaplain Crixus rules

Today I’m introducing you famous (in our hobby-center) Chaplain Crixus.

We had the campaign and Chaplain with tactical squad was sent to secondary planet to establish defenses and provide some management. There was the small worker’s colony as planet itself has promethium reserves.
After several weeks of fighting anywhere but on this planet the war finally comes at the door.
Entire Dark Eldar fleet comes to harvest slaves. Crixus sets up an trap for xeno-invaders – he requested most experienced engineers to mine space port and promethium tanks.
As Dark Eldars arrived Chaplain detonate the mines from governor craft located on the planet orbit.
Something goes terribly wrong and explosions from mines reach promethium natural reserves. Planet was torn apart burying innocent colonist and Dark Eldar warriors. Only half of Eldar fleet manage to get away from the collapsing planet.
Chaplain acted under restriction of preserving lives of Space Marines as Dark Angels suffer heavy losses.

Rules are quite simple but I tried to put away any no-brainer special rules and so on.

Chaplain Crixus
See Codex: Space Marines for stats and special rules
115 pts

Must be accompanied by a Tactical Squad (any options) with a Land Raider as dedicated transport
Additional special rules:
Demomaster: Crixus has his own demolition squad composed of chapter serves and spies. This demo-squad works exactly as Cluster Mines in Codex: SM but all hits are resolved with S6.
Dreaded: Crixus known as ruthless and uncompromising warrior. Once democharges by the Demomaster special rule were triggered all non-Space Marine ally and any enemy units within 12” of Crixus suffers -1 to Ld for Morale, Pinning and Regroup tests.

New frontier

And now it’s time to conquer new horizons. From here to eternity (probably) blog will be more English-speakers oriented as I need some practice. And it’s much easier to speak about Warhammer in English than in Russian (most of all because “Kapeetan Sorokopoot” instead of “Captain Shrike” and so on).

среда, 24 октября 2012 г.

Плохие фотки хороших миниатюр

закончил сборку стартерных парней. получились вот такие два либра. терминатору не хватает еще пары мелочей, но концепт не поменяется

вторник, 9 октября 2012 г.

Немного фото армии

Деплой на большом апоке (25к на 25к, по 5к на каждого человека)
примерно половина моих сил, остальное - терминаторы в резерве.

Dakka from the skies

моя личная версия штормталона.
удлинил хвост, укоротил вдвое рампу для ассолтки, сами ассолтки перенес выше.
получилось как-то так.

Ростер и всякое такое

Пожалуй, хватит ворошить прошедшее, пора вернуться к настоящему.
На дворе шестая редакция, союзники, а у меня как раз какое-то количество ванильных миниатюр, покрашенных под мой чаптер. Надо пользоваться :)
Поэтому текущий ростер вот такой: