вторник, 13 ноября 2012 г.

2250 DA+SM roster

HQ 1: Belial with pair of lightning claws [130 pts]

HQ 2: Interrogator-Chaplain [120 pts]

Troops 1: 5 Deathwing Terminators, with 3 thunder hammer & storm shield, deathwing company banner, apothecary, chainfist and heavy flamer, sergeant with thunder hammer & storm shield [280 Pts]
Troops 2: 5 Deathwing Terminators, 4 with thunder hammer & storm shield, cyclone missle launcher, sergeant with pair of lighting claws [235 pts]

Fast Attack 1: Land Speeder with typhoon missle launcher and multi-melta [75 pts]
Fast Attack 2: Land Speeder with typhoon missle launcher and heavy bolter [75 pts]

Heavy Support 1: Land Raider Crusader [250 pts]
Heavy Support 2: Vindicator with storm bolter [130 pts]

HQ 1: Librarian with Terminator armour (force maul), Null zone and Avenger [125 pts]

Elites 1: Dreadnought with TL Autocannon [115 pts]

Troops 1: 5 Scout Squad with camo cloaks, 5 sniper rifles [90 pts]
Troops 2: 10 Tactical Squad with combi-plasma, plasma, plasma cannon in Transport 1 [195 pts]

Fast Attack 1: Stormtalon with skyhammer [155 pts]

Heavy Support 1: Thunderfire Cannon [100 pts]

Transport 1: Razorback with TL lascannon transporting Troops 2 [75 pts]

Aegis defense line with quad gun [100 Pts]

Total 2250

How does it work?
Librarian with Troops2 almost every time use DWA, Belial and Chaplain starts in LRC.
Dreadnought with AC fires from the quad-gun giving you 6 TL AC shots.
stromtalon is just for fun and nice model

Belial is warlord, he stays in LRC or charges in something soft.
if there is no Inv. saves in enemy army - Libr swaps in Telepathy.

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